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Anchorage Dentist - Robert P. Pierson, DDS - General, Family, & Cosmetic Dentistry

Welcome to Abbott Family Dentistry, LLC, the office of Robert P. Pierson, DDS.  With over 23 years of experience, Dr. Pierson has been a respected dentist providing care in Alaska for over 20 years, the first 6 years in the Alaska Bush and now in Anchorage.  Our practices' top priority is to provide you with the highest quality personalized dental care with exceptional service in a comfortable, friendly, and relaxing environment.  We are cutting edge and utilize the latest technological advances in the dental industry to ensure that you receive the most effective care possible.  Some examples of the technology in our office are digital x-rays, 3d cone beam cat scan, laser cavity detection, fluorescent cavity detection, digital scanner for crown impressions, electronic Comfort Control syringe for more comfortable injections, and much more...

We recognize that every patient has varied and unique needs and we take pride in providing our patients with customized treatment plan options to meet the needs of all who walk through our doors.  Our knowledgeable staff is committed to helping start you and your family on a path to a healthy and beautiful smile.  Expect that we will take the time necessary to ensure you receive quality care.  When it comes to dental treatment fast is good but not always better. 

As you navigate this website, our hope is that you get a good feel for our practice and the field of dentistry.  Not all dentists share the same views on meeting your needs.  In fact, there are often several options to meet your treatment needs.  Our hope is that this website will give you insight on options available, Dr. Pierson's practice philosophy, and our practices' ability to meet your needs.