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An important part of your oral health is the quality and quantity of your saliva.  Without healthy saliva you are at greater risk of cavities, sensitive and even burning oral tissue, fungal infections, bad breath, lost teeth, and painful dentures.  With a simple test we can determine if your saliva flow is decreased, has an improper pH, and if the saliva is properly buffering against the acids produced by the bacteria that cause cavities.

For a limited time, Dr. Pierson at Abbott Family Dentistry, LLC is offering a free Saliva-Check test.  This test is free with all paid new patient comprehensive exams with x-rays and for all existing patients at there next paid recall exam.  There are some restrictions on eligibility, see below**.

To get this free test, you will need to mention that you want the free Saliva-Check when you are scheduling for your exam as the test takes about 15 minutes as we need to schedule extra time for your exam.  

This test can only be administered if you have put nothing in your mouth for the full hour before the test.  If you put anything in your mouth the hour before the test, we will need to reschedule to take the test at your next visit for other work or at your next recall exam.  In other words, we will not reschedule to take the test by itself.  So do not consume anything the first hour before the test as doing so will invalidate the test results and make them useless.  Do not drink, eat, chew gum, use a mint, brush your teeth, take medication, or put anything in your mouth the first full hour before the test.

Once Dr. Pierson has your test results, if needed, he can give recommendations on how you can have a more healthy oral cavity.

Fee based on the 50th percentile published fee on the 2015 NDAS*

Patients who show a pattern of broken appointments and/or are behind on payments are not eligible for the free test.**


IMPLANT  SPECIAL, ($321 savings)

Also call to ask about our new lower implant pricing, everyone gets the Aetna PPO price!

Free implant consultation with paid discounted dental cone beam 3D x-ray.  The normal fee for this type of x-ray is $321 and the consultation exam fee is usually $95.  I will only charge $95 for the 3D x-ray and that $95 will go towards the cost of the implant if you get the implant within 3 months of having the x-ray taken.  The 3D x-ray is a Cone Beam Cat Scan (CBCT).  With a CBCT image, I can better determine the best implant option for you.  There have been times when traditional x-rays have missed anatomical variations that would have resulted in complications if not first seen on the CBCT image.  There have been other times when the CBCT image has helped me pick a different implant than I would have otherwise used enabling me to give my patients the best implant option possible.  Simply put, having a 3D image when doing an implant helps me do a better job when it comes time to do the implant.  

As I do not do implants without a 3D image, I do need to take the 3D image at $95 for you to get the free implant consult.  You may have x-rays from another office and I will be happy to look at them; however, I will still need to take a 3D CBCT image at my office as the imaging program has a library of implants that enable me to place the implant virtually in the jaw first.  If you need a copy of the 3D CBCT image, there is an additional fee for copies.


Our normal fee is $359

Mention this website special and get a $25 discount.

In office whitening is a great way to jump start whitening your teeth.  Results vary from person to person and the lighter your teeth are to start with the less dramatic the results will be.  People with teeth that are already light typically get 2-3 shades lighter in one visit.  People with darker teeth range from 2 to 7 shades lighter in one visit.  Full disclosure notice!  Tooth whitening does not work on all people, up to 5% may not respond to the treatment.  If it does not work at all we will refund $100 of your fee.  We did have one person only get one shade lighter and that result is considered successful.  Don't be too concerned about not getting results because so far most people have gotten 3-7 shades lighter, we have only had the one patient who only got 1 shade lighter, and knock on wood, we have had no cases that had zero results.

Our in office whitening system is the Boost system by Ultradent and we feel it is at least as effective as other systems that use lights in conjunction with the whitening gel.  In fact, one reason the Boost system is less sensitive that some others is that there is no light over drying the tooth.  We believe the whitening system we use is the most effective and least sensitive of the in office whitening systems.  The above mentioned fee includes two applications in a single visit and four, single use take home disposable whitening trays.  Additional single use whitening trays are available for purchase.  A third in office whitening application can be applied for an additional $75 when done at the same visit as the initial two applications.  Only 3 applications of in office whitening can be done in a single visit.  If you wish additional in office whitening visits they are offered at a discount of 25% off the normal 2 application whitening fee and cannot be done until at least four days have passed since your last whitening visit.   

All whitening has the risk of tooth sensitivity.  The stronger the solution, the greater the risk.  In office whitening uses stronger solutions so the risk of sensitivity is greater than take home systems.  In order to minimize the sensitivity of whittening, at the end of your whitening visit, we give you one tray of ultraEZ which is a gel designed to minimize sensitivity.  We also will give you a tube of  Fluoridex Sensitivity Relief, a prescription strength fluoride tooth paste with the same active ingredient as most over the counter sensitivity relief tooth pastes.  I suggest you purchase and start using the Fluoridex one or two weeks before whitening and we will apply that purchase price towards our whitening visit if you whiten your teeth in our office within 1 month of purchasing the Fluoridex.  You may need to purchase more ultraEz trays and if you need them they are sold at our cost.  I did find one person on the internet who said they had sensitivity for a year after whitening.  Such a long period of sensitivity is highly suspect and I believe that they likely had cavities or defective restorations that were in the area whitened.  At Abbott Family  Denitstry, LLC we want you to have a beautiful smile but we are even more eager for you to have a healthy smile.  To ensure that your smile stays healthy and you do not suffer harm from the whitening, we do need to verify the teeth to be whitened are healthy enough to whiten.  To ensure your teeth are healthy enough to whiten, you need to have a current exam in my office including any necessary x-rays.  Once your teeth and restorations are found to be healthy enough, we can then schedule for tooth whitening.    

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