Periodontal Disease

Remember, if you have periodontitis, it did not happen over night.  Periodontal disease is tenacious and it will take time to treat.  It is very common that after scaling and root planing, that you will need to get your teeth cleaned every 3 months.  This interval is a starting point and adjusted based on need.  If your home care is good, and you have a good immune system, our hope is that you can get back to needing cleanings only every 6 months.  Because periodontal disease causes permanent damage to your gums and often the bone around the teeth, some people will need to get cleanings more than every 6 months for the rest of there life.  The cleanings performed after scaling and root planing may be either routine prophy's (similar to the cleanings you get to prevent gingivitis) but more commonly they are Periodontal Maintenance cleanings.  Click here to learn more about how a periodontal maintenance visit is different from a prophy.

When periodontal disease is not responding to conventional treatment, Dr. Pierson may discuss the use of Perio Protect Trays to help treat your periodontitis.  

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