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Robert P. Pierson, DDS

Abbott Family Dentistry, LLC

1601 Abbott Road Suite 102

 Anchorage, AK 99507


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​Detour information.

For those of you who head north bound on the New Seward Highway as you leave our office there is an easy to follow detour to get to the highway.  Normally you would turn left out of our parking lot then turn right to get to the highway.  The detour is to turn right as you leave the parking lot and follow the detour signs to the north bound highway on ramp.

For those of you who do not go north on the highway when you leave our office, there will be no detours.

Dental Health Care in Anchorage​

Abbott Family Dentistry, LLC

1601 Abbott Road Suite 102 Anchorage AK 99507 US


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Note:  If you are not scheduled, please call before coming in.  If we have unfilled appointments we have been known to close the office to take care of personal business and yes even enjoy a beautiful day.

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​email:  please call rather than using email to change or cancel appointments)